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v2 standard kit v2 cigs e cig starter kit E Health CigaretteDifferentiating E Cigarette vs Real Cigarette with Realistic Comparisons

One of the youngest markets in world economies is the electronic cigarette market. Electronic cigarettes in places such as the U.S. were only introduced in 2007. The cigarettes were designed to be replacements for tobacco cigarettes for people who don’t want to smoke tobacco. Many brands of electronic cigarettes look so much like tobacco cigarettes but the differences under the hood are quite significant. One of the differences in a comparison of e cigarette vs real cigarette as the names suggest is that e cigarettes use electricity as opposed to real cigarettes which burn tobacco to produce smoke.

Differences between an e cigarette vs real cigarette

  • One of the main differences between an e cigarette vs real cigarette is the structure. An electronic cigarette contains several segments which are joined together to form the complete cigarette. These sections are namely: a battery, a cartridge, and an atomizer. A tobacco cigarette on the other hand is simply a roll of tobacco with a spongy filter on one end.
  • Electronic cigarettes function completely different from tobacco cigarettes. The battery of an electronic cigarette produces electricity which causes the atomizer of the cigarette to heat up. A liquid substance which is stored in the cartridge is passed over the heated atomizer element to turn into a vapor which the smoker inhales. Tobacco cigarettes involve a person lighting one end of the stick with a flame and sucking on it from the alternate end that has a filter.
  • An electronic cigarette wins the health safety battle over a tobacco cigarette hands down. Since all the components of electronic cigarettes are manmade, the cigarettes are completely safe to use and companies go to great lengths to ensure that the ingredients don’t pose a health risk to users. Tobacco is a naturally growing plant. Consequently, humans don’t have control over what chemicals the tobacco has. The only thing they can do is to try and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals by methods such as fermentation. Tobacco still has many dangerous chemicals and some are known to cause cancer when a person is exposed to them for many years. Electronic cigarettes are therefore much healthier to smoke.
  • The cost of smoking electronic cigarettes is considerably less than that of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarette starter kits are considerably more expensive than tobacco cigarette packs. Only a few parts of the e-cig require to be replaced frequently, notably, the cartridges. A single e-cig cartridge is equivalent to a pack of tobacco cigarettes. The prices vary significantly since an e-cig cartridge costs around $2 whereas a pack of tobacco cigarettes cost around $5. In the long run, you will notice that it is much cheaper to sustain an e-cig smoking habit than smoking tobacco cigarettes.
  • One of the main areas where e-cigs win the battle of the e cigarette vs real cigarette is pollution. Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke. As a result, they are not irritating to nearby people and they are therefore allowed in places where tobacco smoking is disallowed. The smoke produced by tobacco cigarettes causes oral hygiene concerns since it causes tobacco smokers to have a perennially bad breath. This is not a concern for people who smoke electronic cigarettes.

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Putting some perspective on the battle of an e cigarette vs real cigarette

The following are some chemicals which are present in tobacco smoke and the places which you would normally find them in real-world situations.

  • Tar – it is used in tarmac road construction
  • Carbon monoxide – abundant in car exhaust
  • Arsenic – used in rat poison
  • Nicotine – common chemical in bug spray
  • Hydrogen Cyanide – poisonous gas used to kill people in gas chambers
  • Cyanide – lethal poison
  • Methoprene – commonly used as a pesticide
  • Maltitol – a food sweetener prohibited for use in the U.S.
  • Acetone – active ingredient of nail polish remover
  • Ammonia – used in many cleaning products
  • Formaldehyde – used to preserve dead bodies.

electronic vapor cigarettes starter kit E Health CigaretteThe list of chemicals found in tobacco smoke and their dangers to peoples’ health goes on and on. With the mention of every harmful chemical found in tobacco smoke, the case for electronic cigarettes as a replacement for tobacco cigarettes is strengthened. Many people try several products which are said to help them quit smoking tobacco. However, the best chance they have of becoming successful in that endeavor is by using electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are excellent nicotine delivery solutions which have a much higher chance of successfully dealing with psychological addiction to nicotine. People can safely get their required dose of nicotine when they smoke electronic cigarettes and dodge the speeding bullet which is the health risk of the harmful chemicals of tobacco. They also feel better smoking electronic cigarettes because they do the environment a favor by not contributing to the increase in gases that cause global warming, namely carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.


At initial stage smoking seems very cool, fun and a good time-pass. But gradually it starts losing its appeal to many. At young age boys are more prone to this habit. But as they grow older they can realize its adverse effect on their body and mind. They start worrying about their health. They want to quit smoking for the sake of their health. Thus they become desperate. But things become even worse. It seems to be impossible for them. To get rid of this habit is not as easy as adopting it. Leaving such an addiction over the night is something beyond imagination. It takes a lot of determination and proper motivation. You might fail at first few attempts but you are bound to succeed if you constantly strive for this. Recently many measures have also been found in this regard.  Electronic cigarette is one of the most effective among them.


E health cigarettes-Quit smoking, live healthy


Electronic cigarette has no difference with the conventional cigarette in terms of look, taste and feel. But unlike them, it has no fire, tar, no combustion and no real smoke. Also, they do not contain carcinogenic substances. There’s no need for any ashtrays. Not only that; even cigarette butts are not found. It doesn’t leave any smell either. Hence, it keeps the air or environment clean. You must be wondering from where you can get all the details about this and also can buy! Then “E health cigarettes” is the answer for you.

As the days are passing the demand is also increasing. A bunch of new products are coming up almost each and every day. The variety lies not only in the e-cigs but also in many of its accessories. You will be surprised to see in what variety all these products come in. These are useful at the same time have a great look. These help to make your smoking experience even better.

learn the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes E Health CigaretteThe biggest advantage is that you can get all such ‘A’ graded products at such an affordable price. They directly purchase from the manufacturer and thus negotiate the best prices without compromising the quality.  All its products are brand new and fresh.  They are well known for their fast shipping.  Usually, it takes only 1-2 business days. They are always on our toes 24×7 to serve their overseas suppliers as well as shipping providers. They are also known for refunding money in few instances. Any product that is deemed defective due to manufacture within thirty days of delivery is replaced or repaired. So, what can be a more convenient option for the e-cig smokers than “E health cigarettes”.